One Reason Why


Thirteen Reasons WhyThere’s one reason why every teen (and probably adult, too) should read THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher: to understand how the seemingly “small” hurtful actions we allow towards others accumulate into big—and then bigger—pain. Jay Asher’s phenomenally successful young adult novel drives home an important message: what we do and say impacts people. All those thoughtless comments have weight. And enough of those hurtful comments, said to a vulnerable young person, can lead to tragic consequences.

Some of us might think that the events leading up to Hannah Baker’s suicide were trivial and not significant enough to warrant such a drastic measure as the taking of her life. Maybe for the lucky few who are well adjusted, or have a personality that allows for selective processing of pain, that may be true. But for many young people, who believe that high school is far more important than it is, any negative attention can be traumatic. And if that young person does not receive the necessary support and intervention to weather the storm of being harassed, bullied, or simply labeled “different,” tragic results like Hannah’s suicide may be the inevitable consequence.

Living as an outcast is complicated. Some thrive on it. Some tolerate it. Others get destroyed by it. Are you willing to risk tormenting the one person who may not be able to take the abuse?

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