On the Fringe

On the Fringe: A collection of stories edited by Donald Gallo

In every school at every grade, the school yard can be a war zone of popularity and persecution, where no one really looks at the kids on the fringe. There’s a pecking order among students – an in crowd and those outside it, who are often ridiculed mercilessly for the “crime” of being different. In this powerful and timely collection, On the Fringe explores the teen outsider experience in eleven electrifying stories penned by some of today’s most acclaimed YA authors. A tomboy finds the relief of self-expression through her music, while in another tale a relentless bully tests the faith of an intensely religious girl. A cheerleader discovers that the  true soul of her school can’t be found within the cool clique; a football player finally stands up for a harassed fellow student. And a boy watches in horror as the school “freak” marches into his classroom with a loaded rifle.

On the Fringe brings to life eleven poignant stories of outsiders facing the constant struggle of hate – and ultimately – acceptance. I encourage all those who ever felt persecuted, unloved, or left out to read this book. Hopefully, it will inspire you to write your own story. And please remember something important here. A good story always includes conflict, tension, an intriguing plot, and courageous characters. If you don’t allow for tension in your life, you run the risk of living an awfully dull story. Characters who overcome seemingly insurmountable trials are the characters that resonate, that live on in literature, and that make a difference in people’s lives.

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Are you writing a good story? Or, are you missing an opportunity to be the hero of your own odyssey? Share your hero’s tale. What are you living through now that seems insurmountable?

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