Label Me Different is dedicated to every person who has felt the pain of being different . . .

And to every person who has felt superior–intentionally or not–by putting down or labeling someone else.

If you have ever been harassed, called a hateful name, ridiculed, laughed at or marginalized because  of who you are, you are not alone. If you have ever felt alienated, persecuted, scorned or attacked because you look “odd,” dress differently, are overweight (or under), come from a different part of town, have unusual interests, or have been called a weirdo, geek, nerd, freak, loser, loner, emo, goth, faggot — or whatever other hateful name meant to label and destroy — I invite you to share your story here. I promise, it will be safe.

Your story is not meant to solve the problems you face in your school or in your community. Nor is it meant to assign blame. Your story is important because it provides a glimpse into a life that may be misunderstood, or not tolerated, because of ignorance. It is my hope that this forum will offer its readers thought-provoking experiences that result in greater understanding and tolerance of others. And that the stories written here will leave us all thinking, and hopefully, talking about the challenges –and rewards–of being different.


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